Eine Gesellschaft des Geschmacks

Andrea Fraser, 1993


Kunstverein München e.V.
German/English, softcover, 124 pages, 26 x 24 cm


In 1993 the US-American artist Andrea Fraser realised the exhibition project Eine Gesellschaft des Geschmacks with and at the Kunstverein München. In the run-up to it she interviewed board members of the Kunstverein on questions of self-conception and taste. She arranged the answers into an audio collage that could be heard in the Kunstverein’s exhibition rooms, the written version was printed in a publication. Artworks borrowed from the board members that were partly mentioned in the audio installation were also part of the exhibition and publication.

Edited by Kunstverein München.
Text by Helmut Draxler; with an interview by Andrea Fraser with board members of Kunstverein München.
Designed by Andrea Fraser, and Anahita Krzyzanowski.

Price € 35.00
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